Strategic Growth Plan for Non-Automotive Business

Strategic Growth Plan for Non-Automotive Business

Our client has been providing high quality plastic moulded parts to the Australian Auto Industry for many years, and was growing additional business with other non-auto clients. Due to the reduction in Australian made vehicles, Dolphin was under pressure to seek alternative sources of revenue.

Our role in this strategic growth plan was

  • To act a coach and guide the client to think through how to win new business.
  • Filter the many existing and new business ideas down to a manageable number of selected opportunities to research and better understand
  • Critically rate those opportunities using the Opportunity Evaluation Matrix
  • Select the best and most valuable opportunities to progress
  • Create a sales growth plan to show the impact of the new opportunities on the business
  • Create a marketing plan that defines what needs to be done to win that revenue


  • Over a period of weeks, we worked with management to:
  • Reduce over 50 ideas down to a more manageable 7 ideas for further research
  • Conduct detailed research into the chosen opportunities
  • Work through the Opportunity Evaluation Matrix and select the opportunity with the most potential and with the least risk
  • Help build a picture of the dollar value of the selected business over time
  • Mesh that with the forecast sales trend of the existing business
  • Build a business case to gain approval from the directors in Hong Kong for additional commercial staff in Melbourne. Hong Kong approved the additional funding within 48 hours
  • Work is now progressing to win real business with current and new clients
  • Since the start of the project revenue is up over 18%

We tried to develop a sales and marketing plan early last year on our own, but with not much success.

At that point we were introduced to Roaring Success. Steve Wood and his team reviewed what we had started then added their marketing skills and the magic of their Roaring Success process to give us a Sales and Marketing Strategy that will launch our plastics business over the next five years into new, exciting and challenging growth areas.

The team at Roaring Success maintained a high level of enthusiasm that made for some great creativity and helped provide the plan and some great marketing insight that I needed to lead my company forward in a tough manufacturing climate.

Thanks for your great support.
Mario Turcarelli, General Manager, Dolphin Products Pty Ltd,