New to Business

Getting new businesses off to a great start

Set the blueprint, map your journey

Thinking of starting a new business? 

Have a new idea for a new business project?

● We help you get set up for success.

● We help you get clear on your goals and plan.

● And help you build your toolkit of business skills.


Feel confident, avoid the many pitfalls and get the results you deserve.

Kickstart your venture with our targeted programs

Get a great start with our simple and effective help:

Get started.  Plan the work, then work the plan.

Become better at selling to win the order.

Build a business that runs on systems.

Become a better leader so your business grows smoothly.

They delivered in plain English, in short bursts. 

Learn, apply and improve while you’re building your business.

Ready to accelerate your business growth?

Make your new business a successful startup

Lay the foundations for your new startup success

Starting a new business is an exciting, yet daunting journey. We guide you through:

● Creating a robust business plan

● Understanding your market

● Setting realistic yet ambitious goals

This is about more than just ideas. It’s about crafting a clear path to bring those ideas to life.

We emphasise practical steps and real-world strategies, ensuring that your startup is built on a solid base, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Steve Wood: the coach to propel your business

Choosing Steve Wood as your coach means leveraging his extensive experience for your startup’s success.

Steve’s approach is about delivering practical advice in plain English. He understands the unique challenges new businesses face, offering tailored guidance to navigate these crucial early stages.

With Steve, you get a coach who’s focused on practical, actionable strategies, ensuring your new business starts on the right foot and continues to grow.

What our clients say

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Explore our programs for start ups

Mentoring for Start-ups

Improving the chances of success – by understanding what is needed to start a successful business.

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Feasibility Study

Improving the chances of success – by understanding and reducing the risks associated with your business idea or project.

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One Page Business Plan

Improving the chances of success – know who will buy, why they buy and what makes you different, and how many units you need to sell make a profit.

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Comfort Calling – Making outbound calls to win work

Learn how to prepare for making outbound business calls. Learn what is needed to become comfortable in the process, and what you can do to become more success in making outbound business calls.

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The Money Tree – Workshop on B2B Selling

Learn how to build your sales skills and sales process to support your strategic business plan.

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Marketing & Sales Growth Planning

Create a revenue growth plan, to drive sales and dollars.

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