Established Businesses

Established businesses have much to be proud of.  You have started, grown and done well.

Sales are over $2m and you have been trading for a number of years. Some of you may have hit $10m sales, some up to $50m and an elite few have achieved $100m in sales per year.

But now something has happened which means you are now looking for some help. Perhaps the revenue has stalled over the last few years and you are unsure why. Or maybe, the market has changed, and you need to work out what to do next or differently.

Maybe, some people have left or joined, and it’s time to rethink the trajectory of the business over the next 3 to 5 years of more. Perhaps COVID has caused your business to shrink drastically, so you are looking at what to do to survive the next 12-24 months. Or perhaps, COVID has given your business the opportunity to pivot.  Given you the chance to try something new.

Now is the time for clarity and focus.  To build a simple plan of action.  Which everyone in the leadership team understands.

Based on our experience of dealing with established businesses, there are many challenges which could be worked on.  So, we have created as series of programs and mentoring which address the challenges.

Strategic Thinking and Business Planning – Create a “big picture” plan which will drive the future direction and action of the business.

Marketing and Sales Growth Planning – Create a revenue growth plan, which addresses the targets in the strategic plan

Exit Planning – Preparing the business for a change of ownership


Strategic Thinking and Business Planning

Mentoring – How to focus on leading the business – work more on the business and less in the business.

How to do your business planning so that you have a business plan which you can share with grant providers, investors and/or banks to access new funds, and which you can also use with your management team to focus and drive the business forward.

Marketing & Sales Growth Planning

Mentoring – Create a revenue growth plan, which addresses the targets in the strategic plan

Exit Planning

Mentoring – Preparing the business for a change of ownership

How can we help you?

Call, Email or Book a chat with Roaring Success to discuss any business matter. All conversations are confidential. 

“If your business isn’t the roaring success you’ve dreamt of make it Steve Wood’s business.

Steve Wood from Roaring Success lived our business for 10+ weeks.

His extensive experience and knowledge in the strategic management sphere provided us with invaluable knowledge on ways to increase revenue, maximise profitability, streamline processes as well as critically analysing our marketing plan.

Steve’s guidance provided us with the clarity of direction and confidence to take our business from just making ends to making a profit and as a small business owner, this is indispensable.

The greatest benefit of working with Steve was that he understood our business in a real way.

His methods tested our grey matter but instead of telling us the answers, Steve’s approach encouraged us to scrutinise the status quo.

So, when you are ready to roar about the success of your business, make it Steve’s business.”

Mentoring for SMEs
Goran Mijatovic, Owner, Buckleys Auto Repairs

Whitepapers for established businesses