Repeat Plastics Australia

Strategic Planning leads to a $0.5m grant success

Repeat Plastics Australia  (better known as REPLAS) turn recycled plastic waste into valuable outdoor furniture – like park benches, bollards and decking.  They wanted some help with strategic planning  to focus the business and to drive growth activities.   We were very pleased to learn that they had used the output from the planning process to apply for and win some significant grant funding.
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Albins – Performance Transmissions

Strategic Planning brings new Future Industries Manufacturing Program investment

Albins strategic planning brings investment for growth. They thought hard about their business, built on what was good and then went after investment dollars from the Future Industries Manufacturing Program to help break performance bottlenecks and set the business up to supply the new business with Thales.
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Winning Spirit logo“Win $0.25m grant to expand the business” – Strategic Planning for Business Growth and to gain grant funding

Shiny Embroidery is a family owned business that has been successfully operating a high volume garment embroidery and decorating business  for over 30 years.  The business owners wanted to continue to grow the business and take advantage of the Victorian Governments’ LIFT (Local Industry Fund for Transition) program.
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Britannia LogoStrategic Planning brings focus and clarity for a new sales strategy

Britannia wanted clarity on how to grow.  They already had a great reputation in the market, but they wanted to learn how to plan a new sales strategy for the next 2-3 years. They learned what they did that was valuable for clients, how to hold onto and increase the spend of existing clients and how to sort new clients into those who shared our value and those who did not..
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Strategic Planning for Business Growth“Turning a New Page” – Using strategy to guide a succession plan

Link Pumps is a family owned business that has been operating successfully for over 50 years.

The owners were considering how they might retire from the  business, and also leave it in a position so it was set-up for future ongoing success.

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elastomers-successDoubling the business in 3.5 years

Our client is a supplier to the mining industry, and has been on a steep growth curve over the past few years. Aiming to build on past successes, the management team were faced with the challenge of how to continue that growth in a robust and repeatable manner.

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geelong-successLeadership Programme delivers over $14 million in value to participating companies





For several years Roaring Success has partnered with the Geelong Manufacturing Council (GMC) to enhance the capability of manufacturers in the Geelong region.
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Reduced New Business Investment Risk

Roaring Success was engaged, via the Ford Supplier Diversification Program, to assist Venture in deciding if an existing Venture business based in South Africa, could be established in Australia and make commercial sense here.

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pratley-successAccelerating Business Growth through your people

A.N. Cooke is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of fasteners, prominently used in the auto industry. A number of years ago, as part of their business growth plan, the company decided to invest in the distribution rights for the Pratley brand of adhesives in Australia.

The challenge that the business faced, was that despite the company having done the right things by investing in staff and creating business and marketing plans, the revenue growth for the new business line was slower than expected, and was challenged with “people-side” of the implementation.

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pmg-successStrategic Business Plan for diversification

Our client PMG is a plastics injection moulder, founded 20 years ago and deriving the majority of sales revenue from custom moulding for other businesses.

PMG has successfully recovered from  a downturn in sales of $2 million pa in early 2010 when their biggest customer decided to offshore their purchasing of point-of-sale (POS) display materials. Today PMG is diversified across processes, technologies and markets; making the business robust and sustainable.

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dolphin-successStrategic growth for non-automotive business

Our client has been providing high quality plastic moulded parts to the Australian Auto Industry for many years, and was growing additional business with other non-auto clients.

Due to the reduction in Australian made vehicles, Dolphin was under pressure to seek alternative sources of revenue.

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arms-successCreating a robust plan for growth of over 25% pa

Our client has been experiencing rapid growth and has recently expanded into the USA market and is facing further increased demand.

The directors were at the stage where they wanted to build an organisation that is capable of handling the challenges and needs of large corporate clients around the world.

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k20-successBuilding the tools for growth

Our client had been experiencing rapid growth over the past five years, and was now keen to continue that growth. The two owner/directors wanted to learn how to go about establishing a suitable plan that would deliver the required growth and allow them to manage the stresses and strains, which that growth would bring.

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Air Radiators Logo in 300 by 300Strategic Planning for Growth

Air Radiators is a highly specialised producer of radiators for on-road and off-road applications. Since 2011, Roaring Success team has assisted Air Radiators and in 2014 the parent company, Adrad Group, with their Strategic Business Planning.

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hella-logoMarketing & Sales Plan for Business Diversification

Hella Australia is a premium designer and manufacturer of automotive lighting for both the OEM and aftermarket business segments in Australia. Roaring Success was engaged via the Ford Supplier Diversification Program, to assist the company to create a Marketing & Sales Plan which would help drive business growth outside the auto industry.

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continental-successDeveloping a plan for strategic growth

Our client has been providing high quality electronic components and assemblies to the Australian Auto Industry and selected overseas manufacturers for many years.

Due to the reduction in Australian made vehicles and slowing export demand, Continental’s production facilities were becoming increasingly under-utilised.

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Ford Australia – Supplier Diversification Program

In the face of declining sales of Australian-made vehicles, Ford Australia wanted to support their component suppliers by offering a Supplier Diversification Program, which would help their key suppliers to diversify and find additional sources of revenue.

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