Achieving your own roaring success.
Mentoring with Steve Wood.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a learning process.

A person being mentored can expect to achieve better results and more quickly, than if they worked without guidance.

Get a mentor – achieve your own roaring success faster.

The person being mentored is helped and guided by an experienced person, who has skills and expertise in the topic area being discussed. 

The mentee and the mentor meet regularly to discuss challenges which the mentee has. 

The mentee considers the learning points and tries out new and different skills.   These can be new methods of thinking, new tools or techniques, adapted styles of questioning, listening and interacting with bosses, peers and staff, alternative was of planning and leading changes for the business. 

In short, the mentee learns how to do new things, in a controlled, considered way.   

Some actions will work. Others will bring new learning. 

Skills grow.  Confidence grows. Results improve

What are 10 benefits of working with a mentor?

Mentoring candidates can expect to see and experience many of the following benefits –

  1. Working ON your own person development.
  2. Working ON your business, rather than doing things IN the business.
  3. Learning how to see situations differently.
  4. Learning how to do things differently.
  5. Learning from others’ experiences and stories.
  6. Exposure to other like-minded people who are serious about self-improvement.
  7. Learning how others have improved their business.
  8. Exposure to new opportunities for strategic partnerships and joint collaboration.
  9. Achieve the results you want faster.
  10. Have access to people who are there to support and celebrate with you as you work through your challenges.

Ready to accelerate your business growth?

How much effort is involved?

We are offering three different types of mentoring arrangement.   You can select the mentoring process to suit your personal situation.

Option A – Individual Mentoring – Achieving your own roaring success.    

For people who are facing a number of challenges – and would like to work individually with their mentor in a methodical manner towards solutions – but do not wish to be constrained by when and how meetings take place.   You have unlimited access to me.

Option B – Individual Mentoring – Accelerating business growth.    

For people who have a single challenge – and would like to work individually with their mentor in a methodical manner and are happy to meet monthly.

Option C – Group Mentoring – The Tuesday Club.    

For people who wish to learn in a group environment.  Mentoring happens in regular monthly group sessions.  You learn from others’ stories as well as from the group facilitator.

Who should consider using a mentor?

  1. Leaders of SME businesses with sales of up to $1m. You are the leader or owner.
  2. Leaders of SME businesses with sales between $1m and $10m. You are the leader or owner.
  3. Leaders in businesses with sales more than $10m. You are in the leadership team, but not necessarily the owner. 

In all three situations, there are challenges you are facing, which are tricky, and you’d like to have help to work out what to do differently. You want to find a better way.

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