Small and mid-size enterprises

When you are growing, you have your very own tiger by the tail. There is a lot going on. This part of growth is about meeting your customer expectations on an ongoing basis.

You already have a product or service which the customer likes and wants. But the problem is how to keep up with demand. It’s about building capacity that performs consistently.

Based on our experience of dealing with SMEs, there are many challenges which could be worked on.  So, we have created as series of programs which address the challenges.

Organisation Building  – Build an organisation that works

Project Management – Build capacity

Strategic Leadership – Lead the work – don’t do it all yourself

Organisation Building

Mentoring – How to effectively build your organisation to deliver what the customer wants.

Project Management

Mentoring – How to get your projects completed safely and on time.

Strategic Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring – How to focus on leading the business – work more on the business and less in the business.

How to do your business planning so that you have a business plan which you can share with grant providers, investors and/or banks to access new funds, and which you can also use with your management team to focus and drive the business forward.

Books for SMEs

How can we help you?

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“Steve Wood has successfully contributed to the board focus in several key areas:
1. Good governance
2. Clear strategy
3. Safety risk assessment
We have a new look board, clearly defined goals and more importantly a sound governance position of both understanding and implementation.
We will be using Steve Wood as a company mentor as he also has a sound knowledge of both the business and the industry we are in.”

Mark Jacobsen
Director, Repeat Plastics Australia

Whitepapers for SMEs