Britannia Metal Industries – Strategic Planning brings focus and clarity for a new sales strategy

Strategic Thinking to bring a focus and clarity on how to drive the business forward.

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BMI and Britannia Jahco are two firms who have a shared location and some common shareholders.  However, they do operate in very different market places, with marked differences in customer needs and wants.

In 2017 the two firms wanted to think though how to set their businesses up for success over the next 5 years. They undertook an Entrepreneur’s Program Business Review, and then invited us to help them with strategic thinking and strategic marketing actions.

Our role in Strategic Planning to bring focus and clarity to:

  • Facilitate leadership discussions at the strategy level.
  • Create and run a customer survey process, to gather the voice of the customer.
  • Help them to create a marketing plan for the targeted markets.


  • The two companies now have a detailed understanding of how their customers see them, and direct knowledge of what needs to change within BMI and BJ to satisfy their customers’ wants and needs.
  • Both BMI and BJ have their own bespoke strategy which management can use to drive the business forward.
  • Each company has it’s own marketing plan, which addresses how to find, attract, win and keep targeted and existing clients.

“Working with Steve Wood and Roaring Success was a breath of fresh air.

He cut through all the marketing hype and gave us a view into a simplified sales model and strategy.

This enabled us to clearly understand why customers dealt with us, how to show our staff what we did that was valued by our clients, how to hold onto and increase the spend of existing clients with these values, where to look for new clients, how to sort new clients into those who shared our values and those who did not. This also made it a lot easier to plan our sales strategy for the next 2-3 years.”

Martin Solomon, General Manager, Britannia Metal Industries,