The Money Tree – B2B Selling Workshop – Develop B2B selling skills and win more business

This workshop is aimed at SMEs who want to develop their B2B Selling Skills and win more business.

It will also assist senior management within SMEs need to create and successfully implement a B2B selling process for their own business.

This is NOT a passive “sit back and listen” workshop. It will require active participation.

Participants will learn from working through examples and helping each other in the exercises.

The participants will:

  • Work Through A Self-Assessment Exercise To Gauge How Much They Already Know
  • Learn How The B2B Selling Process Sits Within The Big Picture Strategy Process And Marketing Processes

What is covered:

  • Understand What Drives Customers, And What A Good Selling Process Looks Like
  • Define their own selling process
  • Define the Value that they bring
  • Consider who the ideal customer is
  • Learn how to go about landing the first meeting
  • Gain clarity on the tools available – which really help the selling process
  • Scripting; POWER Questioning™ The Valley of Value
  • Writing a compelling Proposal
  • Getting to Yes
  • Understanding how emotions drive your behaviour; staying on track


By the end of the workshop, participants can expect to benefit from:

About the Workshop:

For further information about registering your business for this workshop, contact: Steve Wood, Roaring Success Pty Ltd on 0424 325 763

About the Presenter:

Steve Wood – Director and Consultant 

Steve is a business consultant, and helps business owners Accelerate Business Growth. He specialises in helping business leaders of companies that want to grow. > Read full profile