"Tell Us Where It Hurts" by Stephen Wood
“Tell Us Where It Hurts” by Stephen Wood

“Tell Us Where It Hurts”

July 2019


“Tell Us Where It Hurts – For when we discover that, despite everything, we really do need help with our business”  is Steve Wood’s new book.


I created this book to capture ideas, challenges and problems that companies face.

It is based on real data.

I looked at 52 companies that we have worked with since 2010.

I was interested in learning if there were any common themes among those companies that we helped…

… and if there was any link between the size of the company
… or the stage of the development (from startup to maturity and onto decline)
… compared to the number of problems that the company was facing
… and whether the problems were similar or not.

The answer surprised me. So I am sharing the results.


The book is intended to be an easy read aimed at helping people who have the responsibility to make a better business.

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July 2019


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