Shiny Embroidery wins $0.25m LIFT grant

Shiny Embroidery wins $0.25m in LIFT grant support from the Victorian Government, which means that we are proud to call Shiny embroidery a customer.

The Local Industry Fund for Transition (LIFT) is a Victorian Government program.  It has the aim to create jobs and contribute to economic development of areas affected by the car manufacturers.

Shiny took advantage of the program and created a $1m project to increase capacity.

The company is a leader in the Australian market for full service, high volume embroidery of work and leisure garments under the Winning Spirit brand.

With our help the company wrote a business case, and won their a grant application.

We are very proud and pleased to say that the company then bought embroidery and screen printing machinery, and has hired former auto workers  from Ford Motor company.


Read more about the Victorian Government LIFT program here


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