Exit Planning

We will facilitate planning sessions with the owners and selected leadership team members.  The aim is to help the existing owners to be clear about what they will need to do now, to prepare for an orderly transfer of ownership over the next few years.

Of course, to achieve the best price, a willing buyer will need to be clear about the level of risk which he/ she is exposing themselves to.

So in effect this piece of work is about preparing the business to be in the best shape that it can be.

The downside risks are identified and managed; the upside opportunities are being systematically targeted and won; and the organisation’s staff are clear about their roles and deliverables; and appropriate governance is in place for top management to have a good view of how the business is performing.

Simple to say… but harder to put in place.    In effect a good exit plan can help the business owner capture and retain the significant value which they have built over the years.

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How can we help you?

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“If your business isn’t the roaring success you’ve dreamt of make it Steve Wood’s business.

Steve Wood from Roaring Success lived our business for 10+ weeks.

His extensive experience and knowledge in the strategic management sphere provided us with invaluable knowledge on ways to increase revenue, maximise profitability, streamline processes as well as critically analysing our marketing plan.

Steve’s guidance provided us with the clarity of direction and confidence to take our business from just making ends to making a profit and as a small business owner, this is indispensable.

The greatest benefit of working with Steve was that he understood our business in a real way.

His methods tested our grey matter but instead of telling us the answers, Steve’s approach encouraged us to scrutinise the status quo.

So, when you are ready to roar about the success of your business, make it Steve’s business.”

Mentoring for SMEs
Goran Mijatovic, Owner, Buckleys Auto Repairs