The Money Tree – Workshop on B2B Selling

Learn how to build your sales skills and sales process to support your strategic business plan.

Who is it for?   

This workshop is aimed at people who need to, want to, and have the responsibility for growing sales revenue – to accelerate business growth.  Participants can be leaders and sales staff from Established Businesses, SMEs and/or Start-ups.

What is covered?

Understanding yourself and your customer
Your selling process and proposal
What is Value, how do you create it, and how do you get paid for it?
How to target and meet your customer
Selling tools that work
Action plan

Why is it valuable?

Participants who have worked through this group-based workshop have told us they are much clearer about where to spend their sales development time.  They are also much clearer about when, and when not, to write a proposal.  Participants particularly mention liking the POWER Questioning™ methodology for really understanding what the client is looking for, finds of value and will pay for, and then having techniques for helping the customer to say Yes.

Watch this video [link] to hear what some past attendees have said.

“Marketing will uncover the opportunities; but it’s professional selling which will win the order.”

How can we help you?

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