Mentoring for Start-ups

Improving the chances of success – by understanding what is needed to start a successful business.

Who is it for?   

This program is aimed at people who are starting out in business, with up to two years’ experience of running their own business.

What is covered?

It is a mentoring process.  You work with your mentor, through the BIPlan Process.  BIPlan stands for Business and Profitability Improvement Plan.

Here’s a link for an explainer video, produced by The Better Business for Good Company (

We’ll mentor you as you work through the BIPlan questions, and then set you up to cover the actions you need to complete to make your business stronger.

The four areas covered are Planning, Customers, Operations and Leadership.

The BIPlan is an easy to understand, online business self-assessment tool.  Businesses who achieve good scores are more profitable and stay in business longer.  Businesses who score poorly across the range of factors tend to experience challenging times.

You will also be mentored as you create your own One Page Business Plan.

The One Page Business Plan will allow you to focus on the most important areas of your business first.

Why is it valuable?

The BIPlan self-assessment tool helps business owners to be clear about “what we don’t know yet”, “what we are missing” and therefore “what do we need to do differently”.

The One Page Business Plan gives you the big picture.

Both blocks of work allow you to take the guesswork out of what to do next, which will allow you to improve your chances of success – know who will buy, why they buy and what makes you different, and how many units you need to sell make a profit.

I don’t know what I don’t know.  Can I get some help to take some “trial and error” out of the equation?

How can we help you?

Call, Email or Book a chat with Roaring Success to discuss any business matter. All conversations are confidential.