Individual Mentoring – Accelerating Business Growth

Specific one on one mentoring for when you want to get ahead and grow your business.

Who is it for?   

SME business leaders who wish to improve their skills and capabilities to accelerate business growth.

For leaders who want to work at a steady monthly pace.

What is covered?

This is individual, personal and highly confidential.

You are the mentee and set the topic areas you wish to explore.

Together we work out what you could do, should do, need to do, to achieve your goals.

You get fast turnaround of discussion, ideas, actions, results and lessons learned.

This program will run in three-month blocks.  The period of participation is a minimum of 3 months, on a fixed fee, retainer basis, which is extendable in 3 months blocks, based on our mutual agreement.

We talk monthly; 90 minutes, by appointment.  By phone, email, ZOOM or face to face if you book ahead and you travel.

We cover any topics you would like help with.  You do the work needed and engage monthly.

We talk.  You absorb our discussions and implement whichever bits you want.  You write any notes you want… or not.   You get the result you want… or not.  You learn from the experience… or not.  Then you try something different… or not.

Why is it valuable?

This is bespoke.   There is no agenda.  No fixed topics.  It’s about what you need.

Private. Focussed.  On a regular monthly pattern.

This is all about you.  You can choose to push your personal boundaries and make it happen.  Or not.

It’s all up to you.   Don’t start unless you are serious.

How can we help you?

Call, Email or Book a chat with Roaring Success to discuss any business matter. All conversations are confidential. 

Over the past year Steve Wood, from Roaring Success, has been instrumental in helping me take my precast concrete manufacturing facility to the next level.

Steve’s ability to actively listen and ask insightful questions has helped me to better understand the core issues that I brought to the table. He possesses a unique toolbox, acquired through his vast experience working in different roles and assisting entrepreneurs, which he uses to provide practical and effective solutions to the various challenges I presented.

Through his guidance, Steve has empowered me to apply the tools and strategies provided to my organisation, resulting in significant improvements and successes.

His honesty, transparency, and directness have helped me to confront the reality of my business and make necessary changes to achieve better outcomes.

I strongly recommend Steve for his knowledge, expertise and ability to adapt to different situations.

He has helped me to reach potential solutions that are practical, realistic, and tailored to my specific needs.

I am grateful for the positive outcomes that have resulted from his coaching, and I am confident that others will benefit greatly from his services as well.

Sincerely, Miguel Donnenfeld, Sunset Concrete Pty Ltd, April 2023

Director Level Mentoring
Director, Sunset Sleepers