Feasibility Study

Improving the chances of success – by understanding and reducing the risks associated with your business idea or project.

Who is it for?   

When a company wants to start something new it’s a good idea to understand the risk of the proposed new project, product, service or other expenditure of time, effort and money.

Feasibility studies are good for Established businesses, Growth businesses and Start-ups.

What is covered?

A good feasibility study will look at the planned project in a structured way.

You should expect to see the risks and rewards objectively evaluated.

Factors like customers, revenue and cash flow on the one hand.  Compared against the cost, time and effort needed to gain the planned benefits.

And then considered from the perspective of “Is this project feasible?  Should we go ahead or not?”

Why is it valuable?

It is valuable because it provides a way for the decision makers to work out, on balance, whether you would like to take the risk of going ahead or not with your project.

Is this project feasible?  Should we go ahead or not?

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