Customer Research

Our bespoke market research is aimed at helping companies to understand your customers better.

When your business slows or even stalls, it can be somewhat confronting.  After all, these customers have had huge benefit from you for a good while.  What is happening now?  Why have they stopped spending?  What has changed?

Who is it for?   

For established businesses.

What is covered?

We’ll help you create a questionnaire to find out the answers which you are looking for.

Then we will speak will 50 to 80 of your existing customers and find out what they REALLY think.

Then we will tell it as it is.  You can choose to do something about it.  Or not.  That bit is up to you.

Typical questions we might ask could be what do they like about you?  What do they not like?  What is the trigger for them to buy?  What stops them from buying?  What do they say you have to do differently to win their business again?

Why is it valuable?

Companies tend to use market research as an input to their strategic thinking and business planning.   This means that companies who do this work have an accurate, recent understanding of what their customers value and find of value.  Companies who choose not to do this are relying on existing internal knowledge, which may not have been updated for some considerable time.

How can we help you?

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