Recognition as a Fellow

Steve Wood FIMC
Steve Wood is a Fellow of the Institute

Recognition as a Fellow

Aug 2019


Continuous Professional Development is the theme here.


In my view, we are never to old to learn.  Continuous learning is a great way to improve professional skills and capabilities.



At the August IMC meeting, I was humbled and honoured to be recognised as a Fellow of the Institute of Management Consultants.

The IMC VIC/TAS President, Bill Pickett FIMC, presented me with an A3 size certificate recognising the achievement.

After the short presentation a number of consultants approached me to ask what it takes to become FIMC.

The criteria are simple.

1 Work as a Management Consultant for at least 15 years and be an IMC Member for at least 5 years.

2 Serve the profession with distinction – and be regarded as an effective consultant by both peers and clients.

It is interesting to reflect on the shear volume of activity.

I started out as a consultant in 2003 in the UK and created my first consulting business there before coming to Australia in 2005.

My first Australian consulting business saw the light of day in 2005 and five years later I co-founded Roaring Success Pty Ltd in 2010.

Under the Roaring Success brand I have handled a significant amount of work.  It appears that I have handled 87 client projects to date and published 4 books.

In that time I have also created four high impact workshops for clients.

We helped suppliers to Ford Motor Company with a Diversification Program.

The Defence Industry Innovation Centre offered us the chance to help six companies with sales in the defence industry to create their own Strategic Plans.

Geelong Manufacturing Council allowed us the chance to create the “Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence” program.  I know that it has been extremely successful.  We also adapted it so that the Australian Industry Defence Association offered it to their members.

All in all, participants have been able to improve their businesses in the areas of “Strategy – Marketing – Performance”.

Happy times.