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Five steps in how to think about and achieve
what you really want from your life.

In recent months I have been mentoring a large number of people.
Some of those people are already in business. Some are at the start of their careers.

This short piece covers the points I made to the most recent mentee. Let’s call him
Charlie, shall we?
Charlie is part way through his Master’s Degree studies.

What help was he looking for?
He asked,
“Should he pick a career in consulting or stay in engineering or do something else?”
I said,
“I don’t know which career is best for you. You need to decide for yourself.
What method do you have for deciding?”
After Charlie rambled on for a bit, it became clear to me that Charlie had not been guided in how to think about this sort of thing.

I took this as an opportunity to give him some guidance.
This piece is a direct result of that discussion.