Sussex Taps – Business Planning

The need for Business Planning

Sussex Taps is a privately-owned business, designing and manufacturing high-quality stylish tap-ware. The company was both blessed and challenged by a wholesale distribution chain that contributed a significant majority of the company’s sales. The Managing Director sought assistance from Roaring Success to engage key staff in the business planning process and to reduce this reliance on a single distribution channel.

How Roaring Success helped with the Business Planning

Roaring Success facilitated a structured business planning process that engaged key staff from Sales, Product Design and Manufacturing. In a series of meetings over a 3 month period, the group identified new business opportunities and developed strategies to pursue them.

These opportunities included:

  • Development of a new product range
  • Marketing communications directed at end-users
  • Relationship building within distribution channels
  • Productivity improvements to improve competitiveness
  • Investigating export market opportunities


Over the course of the program, the group evolved as the leadership team within the business and took ownership of the issues.They completed the program with a clear idea of the future direction of the business and of the strategies they would implement to drive the desired growth.

Sussex Taps has been publicly recognised for their achievements, winning the “Sustainability and Environment Award” at the 2015 Northern Business Achievement Awards.


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