Planex – marketing plan to grow their business

Planex needed help to create a marketing plan to grow their business.

The company is a leading designer and manufacturer of office storage equipment, for use by a wide range of commercial, government and industrial organisations.

The company had participated in an Enterprise Connect Business Review and was now looking to create a marketing plan for the business.


Our role to help create a marketing plan to grow the business

Our role in this assignment was to help:
• The Planex leadership team to think through their strategic growth options.
• The marketing team to create a focused and practical marketing plan.
• The business owner to consider what was required for a longer term succession plan.



• Over a six month period, the leadership team met fortnightly to think through the challenges and issues for growing the business. They gained considerable clarity on the status of the existing business and the challenges it was facing.
• The team defined their growth strategy – which encompassed improving the existing business, then defining and selecting the areas of new prioritised growth opportunity.
• The Marketing Plan addressed each of the segments, and was backed up by detailed Action Plans and budget.
• The Succession Plan, provided the business owner with clarity about what actions will be needed over the next 3 to 5 to 7 years, so that the business is well positioned for a successful transition into new ownership at the appropriate time.