Nulab Group – three brands marketing plan

The owners at Nulab Group wanted help to think through their three brands marketing plan – Nulab Professional Imaging, PicPress and Nushots.

Nulab Professional Imaging is Australia’s premier professional photographic laboratory. The company supplies print, workflow and business solutions to the professional photographic industry throughout Oceania and the world.

PicPress offers a range of photo products for professional photographers.

Nushots offers superior quality photobooks, acrylics prints, canvas wraps, prints and enlargements, postcards and calendars.

How we helped with the three brands marketing plan

  • Review the existing three brands marketing plan
  • Identify aspects which are mutually reinforcing, and determine if there are other aspects that work against each other
  • Identify which administrative resources are responsible for each of the three branded activities
  • Define KPIs and policies to minimise dilution of the brands
  • Recommend a management structure to co-ordinate the marketing activities.



  • We worked with the management team over a number of months, to help them think through the issues around their business strategy and marketing plan
  • The team created a Strategic Marketing plan which showed where the growth would come from – which markets, with which offers, supported by which detailed actions.
  • The “three brands” discussion was clarified and put to bed.
  • Detailed implementation Action Plans were created which addressed each of the growth areas for goals, actions, timelines, budgets responsibilities.
  • The team created an appropriate organisational structure to co-ordinate the marketing activities, which included an updated organisation chart; with appropriate roles and responsibilities for the commercial team

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