M&K Lawyers – Client Feedback Interviews

Listening to the voice of the customer

Our client is a major legal firm, operating nationally from offices across the eastern seaboard of Australia.  Management wanted to conduct client feedback interviews so they could listen to their clients’ views on service delivery, relationships and future business opportunities.  This goes beyond traditional customer satisfaction surveys and the firm had previously attempted several alternative methods to obtain the information without achieving the quality of feedback they wanted.

The task at hand

Roaring Success conducted a series of face-to-face interviews, lead by an experienced market-researcher from our consulting team, to gather client feedback.
Roaring Success developed a questionnaire; ensuring the questions were relevant, concise and formed a logical sequence. A reporting framework was developed, providing both qualitative and quantitative information to our client. Interviews were scheduled at a controlled rate so our client was able to effectively review the outcomes with their staff and implement any improvement processes arising from the feedback.


The program has proven to be an outstanding success and has been conducted annually for 5 years to date.

Interviews have revealed:

  • Highly satisfied clients willing to provide referrals and engage with other areas of the firm;
  • Dormant clients with intermittent legal requirements who just needed to be reminded that our client cared about them;
  • Professional staff who were doing a fantastic job and were highly valued by their clients;
  • Suggestions about how some aspects of professional service delivery could be improved;
  • Opportunities for new business development;and even
  • A couple of instances where early warning of impending lost-business provided the opportunity to turn this around

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