iBulk – Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Business Planning needed to improve the business

iBulk is a leading Australian manufacturer of equipment for sieving, sorting, classifying and conveying bulk fine particles. Their equipment is widely used in industry sectors as diverse as mining, food processing and pharmaceutical manufacture.

In 2012 the company faced a decline in sales due to two simultaneous challenges:

  • The mining and mineral processing sector (iBulk’s biggest target market) moved rapidly from expansion to cost-reduction as demand from China moderated
  • Competition from imports increased as the Australian dollar appreciated against other trading currencies; making imported equipment cheaper.

Management committed to stimulating business growth and sought the assistance of Roaring Success, with the support of an Enterprise Connect TAS grant, to guide their strategic business planning.

Our role in the Strategic Business Planning

  • Guide the client’s management team through a structured strategic planning process
  • Gather and analyse data from a range of sources to provide up-to-date market intelligence
  • Facilitate discussion to draw-out, and agree on, the management team’s preferred strategy options
  • Provide tools and templates needed to support high-quality decision-making
  • Document the Strategic Business Plan



iBulk now have clearly defined the:

  • Culture of the business, its Vision, Values and Purpose
  • Objectives that they will aim for and against which they will measure their success
  • Strategic direction and Action Plans they will follow to achieve the Objectives
  • Organisational Structure and the allocation of responsibilities amongst key staff

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