Arbee Craft – Mentoring – How to gracefully emerge from COVID

Arbee Craft LogoArbee Craft  – Mentoring – How to help guide the graceful emergence  from COVID

Arbee Craft Pty Ltd is a family-owned arts and crafts materials supply business in Melbourne.

Arbee Craft were successful in gaining support from the Victorian Government’s Business Resilience Program, managed by the Victorian Chamber of Commerce, (VECCI).

The company invited Roaring Success to help work out how emerge successfully from COVID challenges.



Our role in helping them how to work out how to go about doubling.

  • To work with the General Manager.
  • We acted as a mentor, as he worked through his options.
  • We helped him create a performance improvement and organisation change plan to accommodate the new economic reality.


  • Business revenue is up.
  • A new organisation is being implemented. It is customer focussed and can accommodate existing plus expected future commercial needs.
  • The GM reports being very grateful for being able to bounce ideas with an independent person, who can provide constructive feedback and guidance.


“Steve is a great independent advisor.  He helped us refine our organisational structure to provide more focus for our team. His broad range of experience was very valuable throughout the process.”

Simon Newey, General Manager,  Arbee Craft Pty Ltd



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