Performance – The Best of Intentions

Performance – The Best of Intentions

The best of intentions does not get the job done.

Recently, I went out for lunch with a work colleague. A nice beachside location.
Sunny. Warm. Pleasant.
It was all good until the food arrived.

I’m sure the chef intended for the chicken to be fully cooked… it was still pink.
I’m sure the manager intended for the calamari to be of main size portions… the chef provided an appetizer size.
It’s not a good look to insist on charging the customer full price for items provided but not consumed, when there is clearly a problem with part of the order.
It’s also not a good look to insult the customer, when the customer brings a concern to light.
I’m sure the manager intended to be pleasant and amenable when responding to our concerns… but he managed the exact opposite.
I’m sure the business owner intended to call back to address our concerns. But the call never came!

The company leaders did not intend for their staff to do badly… but it ended up that way.
The result is very poor customer service and a customer with lingering negative feelings towards the company.

  • Doing the work is not enough.
  • Just delivering as expected is not enough anymore.
  • Anyone can do that.
  • And as we have seen, even doing the simple, basic things can go wrong.

This year, when you speak with the your team, what guidance will you be giving them, to help them convert good intentions into great performance?

Author: Steve Wood
Steve Wood is a management consultant who helps business owners to achieve their own roaring success.

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