New Book – How to Make More Money Than You Know How to Spend

New Book Launch

I am officially launching my new book soon.

It is called “How to Make More Money Than You Know How to Spend”.

The reality of this book is that it takes what I have learned over the 17 years as a business consultant and converted it into “A Practical Guide to Strategic Thinking and Business Planning for SMEs”.

This is my fifth book. Which I feel truly blessed to have been able to produce. It helps those in business to focus and think through what they want to do, need to do or simply must do to move their business forward.

Critical thinking is needed, especially now, that COVID is with us. Waiting for everything to come back to normal is perhaps one option for business.

But the question is, what else could we be doing NOW, to prepare for the time when business activity pick up again?

To use a Formula One Grand Prix analogy, when the race starts again, will your business be on Pole Position on the grid, or will you still be in the garage changing the tyres?


What is the book about?

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“How to Make More Money Than You Know How to Spend” is aimed at business leaders who wish to improve how they go about thinking and planning their business, and who want their business to create wealth, ideally more money than they know how to spend.

This book is not a “get rich quick scheme”. Far from it. In fact, it is the complete opposite.

Success comes from thinking creatively and the hard work of effective implementation.

However, running a business is a tough gig. The pressure is relentless and there never seems to be enough resources.

This book aims to help SME business leaders think strategically about their business and to set themselves up for success.

Rome was not built in a day and neither will your business.

You just need to find a way.

This book will help you.

Not 100%. That would be very unwise to suggest. But it will definitely get you started. What you make of it will be up to you. How you absorb and IMPLEMENT the ideas in the book, how you follow up, how you observe and learn, and adapt your approach for next time.

That’s how you’ll make it happen.

Paperback. A5. Black and White. 358 Pages

If you can’t or don’t want to wait for a signed copy, you can order your copies here. It will be printed and shipped to your chosen address.

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What is covered:

  • Section 1- How to get started – Setting the scene
  • Section 2- Thinking Big – Targets and behaviours
  • Section 3- How to achieve the targets
  • Section 4- How to get organised and stay on track
  • Section 5- Looking forward


Chapter Index

  1. Introduction
  2. What is Strategic Business Planning, anyway?
  3. Roaring Success Strategic Thinking & Business Planning Model
  4. Where do we start?
  5. Pitfalls to avoid
  6. What is your Purpose?
  7. Oh – The Vision thing
  8. It depends on what you Value and find of Value
  9. Tell me what you really want
  10. The world is full of the best opportunities
  11. Time to be creative
  12. Time to be innovative
  13. Time to compete
  14. Time to communicate
  15. Time to get organised
  16. Time to implement and control
  17. The Power of Leadership
  18. Stop making me guess… what do I need to to do?
  19. Handling Black Swan events
  20. What should I read to get there faster?
  21. And finally…
  22. What some of our customers say

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For further information about this book and follow-up workshops, contact:

Steve Wood, Roaring Success on 0424 325 763 or email