Discovering the Path to Business Growth

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The Indian Institutes of Technology Alumni Victoria (IITAV) hosted a workshop at which Steve Wood shared how the Growth Cube could be used to significantly help business leaders grow their business.

Participants are graduates of the very prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology. Those institutes of technology are extremely good and difficulty to get into.

We had an hour with over 20 people in the room, with lots of Growth Cube folding and discussion around growing the business.

Abaran Deep of PCI and Sanjiv Bhasin of BesTech Australia volunteered to be the recipients of “team consulting help” from the floor. ¬†Lots and lots of ideas flowed ….with some opinions emerging about what is most important for a business to succeed … is it having customers; the right cash-flow and profitability; lots of good ideas; or something else?


Shares his growth objectives
Sanjiv Bhasin shares his growth objectives
Tells us about is growth ideas
Abaran Deep tells us about his growth ideas