Maureen Barten

Maureen BartenAssociate Consultant

Maureen Barten is our expert Marketing Consultant, specialising in communications and strategy.

She helps businesses communicate effectively with their ideal audiences and stakeholders with marketing strategies that engage and build relationships for business growth.

Maureen has extensive background in business development as a lifelong entrepreneur.

She has consulted with the world’s largest retail organisations and worked with countless businesses, professional services and non-profit organisations across a diverse range of industries in the USA, Australia and throughout Europe.

Maureen will help you to:

  • Identify your unique qualities and points of differentiation;
  • Script powerful messaging that becomes the voice of your brand;
  • Develop a well-rounded marketing strategy ensuring brand integrity and business growth;
  • Create a marketing plan and timeline that is actionable and delivers the desired results;
  • Support implementation of all marketing activities.

A creative problem solver and visionary,  Maureen will inspire, guide and support you along your journey.


  • BA, University of California Los Angeles
  • Life Experience in Business 30+ years

Volunteer Work:

  • Mentor, Young Achiever’s Program
  • Executive, PJV
  • Executive, ECPS


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