We are very pleased and proud to announce that Steve Wood has had an article accepted by CEOWORLD magazine. 

The article is in the area of Strategy.

It is cover his thoughts on why mindset is more important than ever when times are turbulent.


To read the article follow this link to CEOWORLD Magazine.


How did this Mindset article come to be written?

I wrote this article because of the discrepancies I saw around me in how individuals and companies were reacting to the new COVID situation.

There were huge differences even amongst people of the same profession.

For example a photographer I know chose to just stop.  Too hard.  Not allowed. Too difficult.  So he just stopped.

Yet another photographer chose to not give up.  In fact he redoubled his efforts and was posting on social media, photographs he had taken of him attending ZOOM meetings, laptop screens and keyboards in preparation for ZOOM meetings.  Same profession.  Same environment.  Very different behaviour.


For my part I have continued helping companies who wanted and asked for help during the COVID period.

I continue to do so.


Have a read.  Enjoy. To read the article follow this link to CEOWORLD Magazine.


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