Shiny Embroidery – “Win $0.25m grant to expand the business” – Strategic Planning for Business Growth and to gain grant funding

Shiny Embroidery wanted to win a grant of $0.25m to expand the business.

Shiny Embroidery is a family owned business that has been successfully operating a high volume garment embroidery and decorating business  around Australian for over 30 years, and the business owners wanted to continue to grow the business and take advantage of the Victorian Governments’ LIFT (Local Industry Fund for Transition) program.


Our role in Strategic Planning for Business Growth and winning a $0.25m grant

  • To guide the directors and management team through a strategic planning process.
  • To help the leaders to create a written business plan – which could be used as a basis of the LIFT grant application.
  • To help the commercial team to create a marketing plan that supported the strategic plan.


  • The company now has a well considered 5 year strategic plan.
  • The company applied for and successfully won a $0.25 LIFT grant from the Victorian Government, which allowed a $1m project to go ahead.
  • The company has a marketing plan which is being steadily implemented.
  • Business is up, retrenched former automotive workers from Ford Motor Company have been hired, and new embroidery equipment has been purchased to accommodate the increased throughput volumes.

“We are very happy to have Steve at Roaring Success helping us with our business plan and strategy. Steve has done great work in helping us to win the LIFT grant from the Victoria Government.  

I don’t hesitate in recommending him to any business that needs help to grow their business.

Peter Wu, Managing Director, Shiny Embroidery,