Replas – Transformation Planning brings more than expected

Replas – Transformation Planning brings more than expected

Director level planing at Replas has helped the company leadership to bring about business transformation.

Replas is Australia’s leading Recycled Plastic Manufacturer.  The company makes a range of outdoor furniture, decking, boardwalk footpaths that are long lasting, will not deteriorate in the harsh Australian sun and do not need maintenance.

The company invited us back after our past successes to help them think about they might go about transforming their business.  The Victorian Government’s”Boost Your Business Voucher Program” co-funded the work.


Our role in the Transformation Planning to drive improved profitability:

  • Help the leadership team review and update the existing business strategy
  • Work out how to transform the business and improve performance and better manage the cost structure.


  • Replas has a well documented transformation plan.
  • Benefits achieved from this project
    • Improved volume output – Is up 20% yoy vs 2018
    • Company is on trend to meet the increase in planned volume
    • A more efficient manufacturing process is in place
    • An improved organisation structure is in place
    • Improved organisational alignment between the three sites exists.
    • The introduction of a new Accounting function will free up CEO and other senior management time.
    • Management attention is now focussed and prioritised on supporting Ballarat factory where it was
    most needed.

“Steve Wood has successfully contributed to the board focus in several key areas
1. Good governance
2. Clear strategy
3. Safety risk assessment
We have a new look board, clearly defined goals and more importantly a sound governance position of both understanding and implementation.
We will be using Steve Wood as a company mentor as he also has a sound knowledge of both the business and the industry we are in.”

Mark Jacobsen, Director, Repeat Plastics Australia,


“The work undertaken in support of the “Boost Your Business Voucher” grant has been transformative for Replas, both in reaching the goals set at the beginning and in providing benefits that had not been anticipated at the outset.

Before the project our board and senior management structure struggled with performance. Introducing a chairman, creating a defined organisation and cascading job descriptions has helped define roles and accountability bringing greater performance.

We also now have a cohesive business transformation plan which unites the sites behind a single goal. This encompasses such changes as adding a Business Accountant and addressing previously poorly understood operational needs.

Due to Roaring Success’s highly effective mentoring and coaching methods, Replas is now in a position to continue this improvement process on our own and at this time we no longer need input from Roaring Success’ Director and lead consultant Steve Wood.

I would recommend Roaring Success for any Transformation Project.”

Paul Hone, Project Manager, Repeat Plastics Australia,