Mentoring – Business Leadership and Business Growth

Director level Mentoring – Personal development for business success

Sunset Sleepers is a family-owned business which manufactures concrete sleepers for use by the house building industry for retaining walls and outdoor decorative surfaces.

One of Sunset Sleeper directors, enrolled with OE Melbourne for personal development.

Steve Wood was invited to mentor him.

Our role in this strategy assignment was:

  • To mentor the director client for one year.


  • As one of the new owners and part of the leadership team, Miguel is much clearer about what he needs to do, to continue the development of the business.
  • Miguel is very grateful for his learnings. He is comfortable with his personal development actions and clear where he needs to continue to work.
  • The business is more focused and stable.


Over the past year Steve Wood, from Roaring Success, has been instrumental in helping me take my precast concrete manufacturing facility to the next level.

Steve’s ability to actively listen and ask insightful questions has helped me to better understand the core issues that I brought to the table. He possesses a unique toolbox, acquired through his vast experience working in different roles and assisting entrepreneurs, which he uses to provide practical and effective solutions to the various challenges I presented.

 Through his guidance, Steve has empowered me to apply the tools and strategies provided to my organisation, resulting in significant improvements and successes.

 His honesty, transparency, and directness have helped me to confront the reality of my business and make necessary changes to achieve better outcomes.

 I strongly recommend Steve for his knowledge, expertise and ability to adapt to different situations.

 He has helped me to reach potential solutions that are practical, realistic, and tailored to my specific needs.


I am grateful for the positive outcomes that have resulted from his coaching, and I am confident that others will benefit greatly from his services as well.


Sincerely, Miguel Donnenfeld, Sunset Concrete Pty Ltd, April 2023