Continental wanted a non-automotive marketing plan to help them to diversify.

The company has been providing high quality electronic components and assemblies to the Australian Auto Industry and selected overseas manufacturers for many years, and due to a reduction in Australian made vehicles and slowing export demand, their production facilities were becoming increasingly under-utilised.

Continental strategically moved to adopt contract manufacturing services as a means to having alternative sources of stable base revenue.

Our role to create a non-automotive marketing plan

Our role in this assignment was to act a coach and guide the client to:

  • Think through how to win new business.
  • Filter the many existing and new business ideas down to a manageable number of selected opportunities to research and better understand.
  • Critically rate those opportunities using the Opportunity Evaluation Matrix.
  • Select the best and most valuable opportunities to progress.
  • Create a marketing plan.
  • Create a sales strategy that would enable the client to very quickly develop a platform in the non-automotive sector.


Over a period of weeks, we worked with management to:

  • Reduce over 20 ideas down to a more manageable 6 ideas for further research
  • Conduct detailed research into the chosen opportunities.
  • Work through the Opportunity Evaluation Matrix and select two opportunities with the most potential and with the least risk.
  • Build a simple and pragmatic Marketing Plan around the selected opportunities.
  • Build and populate a Sales Platform with more than 50 qualified potential clients.
  • Work is now progressing to win business with current and new clients.

Continental confidently started the non-automotive pillar armed with a clear objective for supplemental business growth, specifically in contract manufacturing. We thought that because we can accommodate a large percentage of manufacturing requests that our business would have organic growth. What we found is that having too many diverse opportunities is as detrimental as have none at all.

The services of Roaring Success re-aligned Continental methodically, by stepping into our business plan, identifying our markets and clearing a path aligned only to our objectives and capabilities. The outcome of the Marketing Plan was not a cliché bookshelf document. It is exactly the alignment Continental required.

Business Development Manager, Continental Pty Ltd,