Building the Tools for Growth

Building the Tools for Growth

Our client has been experiencing rapid growth over the past five years, and was now keen to continue that growth.

The two owner/directors wanted to learn how to go about establishing a suitable plan that would deliver the required growth and allow them to manage the stresses and strains, which that growth would bring.

Our role in this assignment was:

  • Act as a mentor to the two directors
  • Help the directors to set specific objectives for the business
  • Help them to define strategies for targeting selected clients groups to grow the business
  • Help the directors to structure their organisation so as to be able to handle the stresses and strains of that growth


  • K20 Architecture now has a defined growth target and a five year growth plan.
  • The directors of K20 Architecture are clear about which market segments will deliver best results.
  • The organisation chart is clearly defined and being used to manage the people within the business.
  • Sales are up by 20% and profits are up since the start of the project.
  • We have tailored processes and systems to suit our growth plan.
  • The directors have better visibility and more time to direct rather than do all the work.

Steve has an amazing insight and he has worked closely, tirelessly and persistently with us to enable us to develop our growth plan.
He has helped us to expand our thinking and views towards unlocking the vision and expansion of the practice.
Theo Kerlidis, Director, K20 Architecture,