Accelerate Sales Growth

Our client is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of fasteners, prominently used in the auto industry. A number of years ago, as part of their business growth plan, the company decided to invest in the distribution rights for the Pratley brand of adhesives in Australia.

The challenge that the business faced, was that despite the company having done the right things by investing in staff and creating business and marketing plans, the revenue growth for the new business line was slower than expected.

How we helped accelerate sales growth with two assignments:

1. The SBU Business: To conduct a review of the existing plans, to understand the causes behind the performance to date, and to support the business leaders in finding ways of improving the business.
2. The SBU leadership: To provide advice, guidance and mentoring in the areas of General Management and Sales & Marketing Management over a six month period.

Outcome for the SBU Business:

  • We assisted the business leaders to understand the constraints to growth; helped them to focus on the “most interesting” market areas, and to implement a sales funnel management process which gave visibility of the sales pipeline performance that they did not have up until that point.
  • Result: Sales hit the business plan target for the then current year, and a sufficiently large quantity of high quality opportunities were identified to give comfort that the following year’s revenue target were achievable.

“The process in itself was a strategic, positive method, a checklist to some extent, ensuring that key elements required to successfully building the “Pratley” brand and in turn yielding sales was in place. Tabling more detailed market information and linking that back to the existing plan reinforced that we are on the right track.

Working with Steve put an external pair of eyes on the task at hand and re-enforced some of the challenges and shortcomings that lie ahead.  Overall it was a beneficial experience and a team effort to make fully transparent a map noting information and time dedicated to creating a success story.”


Outcome for the SBU Leadership:

  • At the end of the project, on the softer people side – our client is reporting greater self-confidence, improvement in ability to manage upwards, being more relaxed at work and being able to achieve more equilibrium in work/life balance.
  • On the harder technical side – the combination of people skills and Sales/Marketing actions have generated increased visibility of opportunities, greater awareness by senior management and increased sales revenue in difficult markets of more than 30% year on year.

“Working with Roaring Success over the course of 6 months provided me with the level of support I was in need of. Working with Steve in particular, helped me put a clearer perspective on some of the challenges I faced and in many ways assisted me in taking a step back from some of the tasks that were bogging me down unnecessarily.

I felt more confident in the decisions I was making and most importantly I accepted that it is OK to let people know that their submissions are unacceptable rather than doing it myself. Steve assisted me in making more transparent some of my workings rather than just feeding people the final result.

I feel more relaxed within my work environment and am now working harder to achieve a more comfortable work/life balance. Roaring Success believed in me and my abilities and helped me appreciate “me” for the person I am.

I commend Steve Wood on his professionalism, approach and strategy.

I would highly recommend Roaring Success to any company as a powerful resource and integral part of company and personal development to yield positive future growth.”

Athena Koukouras,
A.N.Cooke Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd.