Boost Your Business Voucher

Round 3 NOW CLOSED. Boost Your Business Voucher Program

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Round 3 NOW CLOSED. Worth up to $50k.

Boost Your Business Voucher Program


Round 3 of the Boost your Business Voucher program from the Victorian Government is now open.

The deadline for applications is 12th May.

It’s worth up to $50k funding from Vic Gov on a matched 1 for 1 basis.
But applicants need to meet the requirement hurdles – firm’s size – type of project – and show a real financial need for the support.

Roaring Success is approved to assist with improving Enhanced Manufacturing (Business Capability), within the Advanced Manufacturing Voucher, as well as the Defence, Aerospace and Security Stream.

– Marketing & Branding Strategy
– Market Development Plan
– Business Process and Systems Improvements
– Business Transformation
– Financial Management Planning

The Victorian Government says “Enhancing Manufacturing Capability vouchers are primarily intended for projects that will significantly transform the Applicant’s competitiveness rather than “business as usual” activities.”

“Preference will be given to projects where evidence is provided that the capability enhancements identified will assist the applicant to obtain a specific new business opportunity or opportunities, such as entry into a global supply chain or access to a new revenue stream.”

The table shows the types of projects which the Victorian Government deems to be supported.

Service Activity
Voucher Purpose
Example of supported projects


Marketing & Branding Strategy

Development of brand value proposition and market positioning to differentiate the business from the competition

  • Development of a marketing strategy and implementation roadmap


Market Development Plan

Optimise entry to a new market or grow business activities in an existing market

  • Market research to understand industry trends, gain customer insights and identify gaps in current strategy
  • Set strategic priorities to leverage market insights
  • Define market expansion activities


Business Process and Systems Improvements

Evaluate current business process to better inform strategies to be more competitive and efficient

  • Develop business plans or strategic plans
  • Evaluate the governance structure
  • Project specific leadership mentoring and coaching


Business Transformation

Build on business competencies, market knowledge to improve or develop business models

  • Conduct a market gap analysis to identify potential opportunities against a benchmark of current performance
  • Pursue opportunities


Financial Management Planning

Develop a financial strategy to support the business growth

  • Design a strong financial structure
  • Develop a financial management strategy to promote the planned growth


Business Leaders who are interested in taking advantage of this Voucher Program, should call us now on 03 8640 9009, to book an initial, obligation-free, meeting.