AIDN-VIC Leadership program creates $2m of value

Participants of the AIDN-VIC Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Program 2014 created over $2m of value for their businesses.

Each graduating team presented the results of their in-house project – and the results were outstanding!

Sponsoring companies can expect big benefits.  Look for upside sales or reduced costs of $2,110,000 per annum.

Winner of the Best Project 2014 are Ian Johnson and Joanne Preston from AME Systems, Ararat.   They demonstrated how their project will improve factory lay-out within the Pre-Assembly area.

It will reduce the time to move product from process to process by 81% and eliminate non-value-adding product movement.

These changes will free-up available production capacity of 6,100 hours every year and these benefits will multiply as the ideas are applied to other areas of the factory.

Ian & Joanne are presented with their award by Michelle Brown

David Wylie and Keiran Johnson
The Young Achievers Award 2014 was won by Keiran Johnstone and David Wylie of Flexible Drive, Kensington.

They showed how leadership skills and innovation can have a positive effect on how the manufacturing environment performs.

During the course of the ten months program, participants applied their learnings from the Leadership, Innovation and Lean Manufacturing elements of the program to conduct an in-house business improvement project.

Participants were required to demonstrate their leadership skills to plan, organise and implement an innovative projects of value to their companies.

Stephen Harvey, President of AIDN-VIC said “This is a fantastic program, which has certainly helped our members create significant value in their businesses.”

The Directors at Roaring Success said “This is a great program for improving the leadership skills of your top team. The companies that embrace the idea of helping their leaders to improve end up gaining significantly – not only from having more capable people in the management team, but also from the improved performance and results that the company is then able to achieve. The proof is in the project results.”

This program was supported by a grant from the Victorian Government under the “Manufacturing Productivity Networks” initiative.