War on Waste – Replas, a Roaring Success client on TV

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War on Waste – Replas, a Roaring Success client on TV …..

Recycling company company, Replas, with head office in Ballarat, features on Australian TV.  We are proud to call them one of our clients for a number of years now.

The company take waste “scrunchable” plastic that households produce on a day to day basis, and convert it into outdoor furniture like park benches, bollards and decking.

The Replas team are right to be excited about being featured on the ABC.  Director Mark Yates was interviewed by the ABC’s “War on Waste” host Craig Reucassel, and did a great job.  Look at 44m53s onwards, but the whole episode – and indeed all three episodes are worth a look.  I suspect that you’ll be surprised how wasteful we humans can be.

We don’t normally promote our clients’ newsletters, but this one has a HUGE Environmental impact. The more people who recycle their waste plastic, the less landfill will take place.  And the more people that ask their council to choose to install outdoor furniture made from recycled plastic the better.

To watch the ABC Episode go to ABC on iView.  http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/war-on-waste/DO1624H002S00#

To read about how Replas talked about the program click here.