Sales Growth Planning

Hunting for Sales Growth

Sales isn’t a dark art; it’s just another business process.

Some businesses regard sales as a dark art, but in reality it is just another business process that can be defined, measured and controlled. That’s important to recognise, as Sales is both expensive and absolutely critical to the success of the business.

Roaring Success helps clients to develop a sales growth plan specific to their business that will enable them to deal with more prospects, convert more leads to orders, generate more sales and have more satisfied customers.

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The Roaring Success process:

Our Approach

We help clients to develop:

  • An effective sales structure so the sales team can successfully convert more leads to orders.
  • An efficient sales process that helps the sales team respond more quickly and provide solutions to more customers in any given period.
  • A customer-centric culture within the business so everyone is focussed on customer satisfaction

Scoping the project

  • Together we agree on the scope of work to be undertaken
  • We confirm this in a written proposal, with clearly-defined deliverables and a fixed price
  • You receive this before we start, and before you spend a cent.

Sales growth process

We help you create a selling process specific to your business. This will define the complex expectations of the sales team, namely to:

  • Gather market intelligence
  • Build relationships with customers and potential customers
  • Prospect for new sales opportunities
  • Qualify these leads and convert them to sales
  • Achieve better account management to ensure customer satisfaction through order fulfilment and bring about repeat purchase/s.

Sales funnel

  • We help you to create a sales funnel prospect tracking mechanism to:
  • Prevent leads falling through the cracks or becoming stale
  • Monitor the conversion of leads to sales; and
  • Enable more accurate forecasting of future sales.

FAB table

We guide the sales team to create a feature/advantage/benefit (FAB) table for each product or service, to focus attention on the customer benefits you are selling.

Key account plans

We guide the sales team to create a series of key account plans for all major customers or sales targets. These plans define how the business will tackle these accounts

Sale call planning/reporting

We help you introduce a call planning/reporting system for the sales team or to refine an existing call planning/reporting system. This ensures sales calls are premeditated and the sales team is held responsible for both quantity and quality of sales calls.

Written sales growth plan

As with many other Roaring Success programs, the final output is a written document .This written sales growth plan captures the value that is created by the thinking, research, discussion and collective agreement that take place within your team through our facilitated process.

“We work with you to find a winning strategy for your business and to put that strategy into action”