Mentoring and Leadership Support

A helping hand

It’s lonely at the top. Who can you turn to for professional guidance and support?

Mentoring is a long-term one-to-one activity, which builds personal competence and confidence. Roaring Success directors offer mentoring and leadership support to selected CEOs, senior managers and board members.

Your mentor will help you to improve your professional and leadership capabilities; to exercise better judgement and make better decisions; to lead with greater empathy and confidence. They’ll even build you up when you’re wilting under the strain.

Or you may want to offer members of your management team and/or Board the opportunity of having a mentor to guide their professional leadership development.

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The Roaring Success process:

Our Approach

We take a structured approach to mentoring but it’s a highly personal process that can only be successful if there is a high degree of trust and respect between the parties that enables open and honest communication.

Mentoring works best as a long-term relationship, so we follow a “get to know you” process during which both parties can consider whether the “relationship chemistry” is right for them.

Scope the project

  • You will receive a written scope of work with a clear fixed price.
  • The scope will explain the process to be followed and the commitments both you and the mentor will make to achieve a successful outcome.
  • You receive this before we start, and before you spend a cent.

Personal interaction

  • Our mentoring and leadership support program is not a training process in which basis skills are taught. Nor is it a coaching process.
  • Mentoring is a subtle and delicate process, in which the mentee learns under the guidance of the mentor to:
    • Improve their own self-awareness to better observe and understand the cause/effect of their interactions with those around them, and
    • Trial, test and understand alternative attitudes, behaviours or courses of action that may result in different, more satisfactory outcomes.

Strictest confidentiality

Our clients can only realise the full potential of a mentoring program if they have total confidence that the matters discussed will not be shared with anyone else.


In addition to our adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Management Consultants, Roaring Success insists on a separate signed confidentiality agreement before commencing any mentoring program.

Time period

  • A minimum of 12 sessions is required for the mentee to gain the full benefit.
  • In the past, mentees have chosen 3, 6, or 12-month mentoring plans, with sessions varying from one to four hours per session.

Bespoke program design

The needs, circumstances and personality type are different for every potential mentee, so Roaring Success endeavours to understand these factors before proposing a custom-designed mentoring program.

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