B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketing today for a bright future tomorrow

Marketing is the method by which a business finds, attracts and satisfies customers.

“Marketing is not something done in a department. It is what the whole organisation does to find, attract and satisfy its customers.” Philip Kotler, 1988.

Marketing is the investment the business makes today to generate sales in the future.

At Roaring Success, we assist clients to develop B2B marketing strategy, which is significantly different to the consumer marketing strategies offered by most others. Unlike the shotgun approach of consumer marketing, this approach is so specific that elements of the plan may be focussed on winning business from an individual buyer or a single key account.

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The Roaring Success process:

Our Approach

We assist clients to develop strategies that integrate the activities of marketing, sales, channel partners and customer service into marketing campaigns that focus on winning – and retaining – customers within the selected target markets.

Scoping the project

  • Together we agree on the scope of work to be undertaken.
  • We confirm this in a written proposal, with clearly defined deliverables and a fixed price.
  • You receive this before we start, and before you spend a cent.

Marketing audit

We conduct a marketing audit reviewing internal and external marketing resources and assessing the effectiveness of your current marketing.

Marketing strategy development

We help you answer the following questions:

  • Who are you going to sell to?
  • What will you sell them?
  • Why will they be interested in buying this from you?
  • How will you tell them what you have to offer?
  • What will you say about your business/your products/your services?
  • How will your competitors react? How will you counter their reaction?
  • What is your distribution channel? Who will make the sale? Where? How?
  • What is the actual sales process?
  • How will you recruit, train or collaborate with the required sales people?
  • What is your forecast sales figure for the next three years?

Written strategic marketing plan

As with many other Roaring Success programs, the final output is a written document. This written strategic marketing plan captures the value that is created by the thinking, research, discussion and collective agreement that take place within your team through our facilitated process.

“We work with you to find a winning strategy for your business and to put that strategy into action”