Are you still able to find and attract customers as well as you have been? Do you find that you're having to work harder to keep your customers?

Customer preferences and choices are always changing:

  • Price competition
  • Shorter lead times
  • Order flexibility
  • Quality expectations
  • More unforgiving
  • More demanding in ways you couldn't have even imagined

Your marketing and sales strategy can have a radical impact on the sales revenue of the business.

Do you have enough of the right customers, and know where to find more?


Marketing and sales is a team game which needs to be played with the right understanding of your customers.

But knowing how to attract and satisfy customers can be frustratingly difficult

What works for one customer may not work for another customer, and that can become very expensive. It requires your team to create a marketing plan that is appropriate for your chosen customers, and that your business is able to deliver profitably.

Perhaps your team might want to focus on:

  • Define your ideal target customer
  • Identify what they want and need, and find of value
  • If they value it, identifying if it's also worthwhile for you to deliver
  • Being clear about why you are special
  • Knowing how to make it easy for your customers to understand why you're special
  • Positioning yourself to avoid being squeezed on price
  • How to make it into a repeatable process that brings in more of the right type of customers

How we can help

Marketing is the investment the business makes today to generate sales in the future.

At Roaring Success, we assist clients to develop B2B marketing strategy, which is significantly different to the consumer marketing strategies offered by most others. Unlike the shotgun approach of consumer marketing, this approach is so specific that elements of the plan may be focussed on winning business from an individual buyer or a single key account.