imcCode of Ethics

As members of the Institute of Management Consultants (Australia), Roaring Success consultants uphold the Institute’s Code of Ethics:

1 As a management consultant my professional objective is to assist my clients to add value to their enterprise, whether that enterprise takes the form of a business, a not-for-profit organisation or any element of government.

2 I  pledge to uphold and promote the IMC Code of Ethics in all my consulting activities. I will serve my clients with integrity, competence, objectivity, independence and professionalism.

3 I will only accept assignments that I am competent to perform and, on a client project, will only assign staff or engage colleagues who have knowledge and expertise appropriate to that client’s needs.

4 I will establish with my clients realistic expectations of the benefits and results of my services. Together we will define the scope and process of the assignment and the basis of remuneration.

5 I pledge that considerations of personal benefit will never over-ride my focus on the interests of the client or their stakeholders.

6 I promise to uphold both the letter and the spirit of laws, regulations and contracts governing my own conduct, that of my client and of the societies in which we both operate.

7 My personal behaviour will exemplify the values I publicly espouse in making this pledge. I will be equally vigilant in ensuring the professional behaviour of other consultants within my practice or the wider IMC membership and will bring to attention any violation of this shared professional code.

8 I will not permit considerations of race, gender, nationality, religion, politics, sexual orientation or social status to influence my professional behaviour or advice. I will be respectful of those whose wellbeing may be contingent on my decisions or advice.

9 I will diligently apply objective judgement to all consulting assignments, based on the best information available to me.

10 I will conduct independent research and analysis where possible, and will consult with colleagues and others who can help inform my judgement.

11 I will continually invest in professional development to keep abreast of evolving knowledge within my profession and in my areas of technical expertise.

12 I recognise that my status and privileges as a professional stem from the respect and trust that the profession as a whole enjoys; and I accept my responsibility to employ, protect and develop the above standards to enhance that respect and trust.

I do so solemnly pledge.