“Dominating Your Niche”

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There are compelling arguments for SME businesses to pursue a niche marketing strategy but only the strongest gain the financial rewards they hope for.

In almost every market niche there’s a dominant player: A business that is top-of-mind for buyers; whose brand generates the most revenue and wins the most market share. A business that leads product or service innovation and that forces their competitors to play catch-up. Other companies seem to try just as hard ….. and still come off second-best.

The book “Dominating Your Niche” gives important insights into what the winners do differently.

Through many years of business consulting the authors have sought to understand the factors that caused some firms to rise to a dominant, and more profitable, position while others languish. The answers will surprise you: they are things that just about every business can do for themselves.

This book has value for every business wanting above-average success and control of their own destiny. It will reward the time you spend reading, thinking and applying the principles of Dominating Your Niche.

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